Tips and Tricks to Find “Ways” with the Waze App

A majority of people with an Android smartphone or tablet prefer to reach a new location with the help of Google Maps. In fact, many can’t even think of an alternative to this app. However, shattering all the stereotypes, there is a powerful navigation app called Waze that is not just a replacement but also offers rich visuals as compared to Google Maps.

What is the Waze app?

World’s largest community-based application, Waze helps you reach your destination with accurate navigation. With Waze, you get to know real-time status of the traffic, save on gas, see community-edited maps, etc. Here’s a quick ‘did you know’ fact about Waze. Though Waze was developed by an Israeli company, it was acquired by Google in the year 2013.

Here are quick tips and tricks to leverage the Waze app to its full potential.

  • Keep Speeding Fines at Bay: Once you know your city’s driving speed limit, go to the Waze App’s setting and under its speedometer tab, set a speed alert. As and when you cross that limit, the app will notify you about the same and you can control your speed immediately.
  • Sync With Android Auto: You can make Waze the navigation component of your Android Auto. Use it in your car’s inbuilt head unit and have a seamless drive to your new destination without having any concern of taking a wrong turn.
  • Steer on Your Favorite Voice: Don’t like the default navigational voice of Waze? You can change that too! Go to Settings of the app, navigate to Sound & Voice, tap on Voice Directions tab and choose one from one of the languages mentioned in the list. You can even record your own voice with the recorder feature mentioned there.
  • Set Your “Get Out” Reminder: With the Waze app, you can set reminders for the appointments. Set it by feeding your starting and expected arrival time to a destination. The app will suggest the best possible route with less of traffic to reach the location on time.

Refuel at a Cheaper Price: When you tap on the gas station icon while you are on your way to your destination, the app displays all the gas stations that are en route. Waze also shows how much these gas stations charge, their brand and the fuel type that they are offering.

The Waze app: The Godsend to Show You the Right Path

What started as a local project in the country Israel went on to become one of the most popular navigation apps in the world. Being a community-based app, its USP lies in contribution from its users. More the contributors, the better would be the quality of the information. In fact, the Waze App has been helping many governments of the world to study the pattern of the traffic and eliminate the congestion on the road. With an outstanding navigation support and easy-to-understand interface, the Waze app is here to stay.

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