Top 5 Chrome Weather Plugins

Extensions on Google Chrome are meant to make life easier. These Extensions come in handy whenever you need to work faster, smarter and they can even go a long way in saving you money. Regardless of what kind of extension you are looking for, the ultimate goal is to make your browsing experience fun and better.

One of the most common types of Chrome extensions is the weather plugins. These come in a variety, hence the need to know what to go for depending on your needs. If you are a person that is interested in weather forecasting for research or are just a person that has an interest in weather knowledge, then having the right Chrome extension for your browser will come in handy. All the information you require on weather will be available at a touch of your computer’s button. Here are some of the most useful extensions so far.

World Weather Online

This is one of the most reliable weather plugins for Chrome. If you are interested in knowing what will happen in your city within a week’s time, then this is your go-to extension. Its simple design is not only attractive to the eyes but also easy to manage without appearing too crowded. It shows you all the weather information for the next 7 days in the area that you are interested in. The extension allows you to get to know your current city’s weather as well as giving you a forecast for the next seven days. This is something that can come in handy for planning especially for people that rely on weather conditions for their daily operations. Immediately upon installation, the extension automatically sets the location that you are at. It is also possible to change the default settings to whichever city or location you may be interested in keeping tabs on. It is not only appealing because if its simple design, but its functionality is something that most users have appreciated over time.

The Weather Extension

This is an extension for Chrome that automatically geolocates you when installed on your device. It is set in such a way that it will set the weather of the nearest city to where you are. You will thus have a general idea of the weather of your surroundings. It comes with a browser icon that indicates every day’s temperature and forecasts. It also has a number of features such as geolocation, daily forecasts, place searches as well as adding and deleting previously saved places.

Weather Europe Extension

This is one of the common weather plugin Chrome extensions. It is mainly used by people in Europe as it provides free weather forecasts for people in European countries, mainly France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Poland, Scotland, and Italy, just to mention a few. As long as you are anywhere in these counties, the extension will automatically geolocate your machine and display the relevant country’s weather. This works excellently for people who keep moving within the European countries. Keeping tabs on the weather of the country that you will be in next is necessary. The weather Europe extension is a lifesaver, especially if you hardly have the time to keep searching the internet for weather information. It is not only functional but also very convenient for people that are always on the move.

Weather Forecast

The Weather Forecast is a Chrome extension that gives you an accurate weather forecast for ten days ahead. The advantage of this extension is that it shows the weather of thousands of places at the same time, thus making it easy for users to look it up any time. It also comes with an interactive weather map. To get access to the latest Weather Forecast, all you have to do is search for it on the Chrome Web Store. It is one of the most helpful extensions that users have reported as being beneficial.

Weather Aware

This Chrome extension delivers weather information that in a compact, customized and informative form. It works on an hourly basis providing users information about the weather changes each changing hour. It is organized to fit the needs of every user. It arranges the forecasts in different categories including today/tomorrow forecast, weekend forecasts, next 48-hour meteograms and long-term forecasts among others.

All the above extensions are useful for any person that needs to know more about their surroundings. Any of the mentioned extensions will work well for Chrome. All you need is to understand the requirements and details of each extension. Choose an extension that works best for you. It is easy to start forecasting the weather around you.

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