What we offer

upmychrome team works with the best JavaScript and Backend developers, designers and testers. It allows us develop high-functional plugins for Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers. We offer:

  1. Browser extension development.
  2. UI/UX design.
  3. Server-part app development.
  4. Consulting.
  5. Testing and pentesting.
  6. Publishing on Chrome and Firefox plugin store.

Why The upmychrome?

We are very well versed in the development of plugins for browsers. A few dozen of our works come in Chrome Web Store and are installed on thousands of browsers. The love of extensions and constant contact with users allowed us to work out the three rules on which we work:

  1. Full functionality. The functionality of the plugin should fully meet the user's requirements.
  2. Comfortable design. Each scenario of using the extension should be obvious.
  3. Anonymity. No user data should be processed without their permission.

Following these rules, we provide high-performing browser extensions.

In more detail, what we do:

Browser extension development

All plug-ins are developed using the latest technologies Javascript. A high level of programmers allows you to implement any functionality: from simple widgets to complex online games.

UI / UX Design

BetterCrome provides a unique design for plugins. The combination of convenience, attractiveness, and modernity will make it possible to achieve the results of the proposed business model.

Server-part app development

Complex functionality does not do without the involvement of server processing. We develop a server functionality of any complexity, capable to process correctly the actions of millions of users.


Every member of the BetterCrome team is a specialist in the field of browser extensions. Monthly we conduct research on user preferences. Based on this data, we will help you make the most attractive plug-in.

Testing and pentasting

We provide plugin prototyping services. Whether you're looking to develop a toolbar broker, we can bring your wireframes and designs to life so that they look, feel, and operate just like the real thing; giving you a chance to see what works.


At this stage of the development process, our experts ensure that the extension is of high quality and persuasive enough to attract user downloads.

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