Duplicate Tab Shortcut Key

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Finally true, native, "duplicate tab" functionality for Google Chrome with a customizable keyboard shortcut. This extension also includes an options page and built-in documentation. Installing this extension will enable you to set a keyboard shortcut of your choice that will duplicate a tab in Google Chrome - not just opening a new tab with the same URL - but the true functionality that also duplicates the tab's history and all other attributes without requesting a page-reload / page-refresh. You must have Google Chrome version 25.0...

Version 2.0
Rating 4.46
Number of voters 84
Number of downloads 17,149
Author Get on Social
Author url http://www.getonsocial.com/duplicate-tab-shortcut-key/
Short Description Adds a shortcut key to allow duplicating a tab.
Updated data April 5, 2013
Size 264192
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