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You're invited to our House Party! Come join the adventure and unlock a world of colorful characters, dynamic storylines, and sexy guests waiting to meet you. Test your wits by making smart choices and you may just get lucky, but watch out for Frank! Get your game on! New opportunity or peril could be waiting behind all your in-game choices. Maybe youll be a swell guy, and help the guests out with their problems, or maybe youll be a trouble-maker and start some drama? The choice is yours to be well-behaved, or completely inappro...

Short Description Once hailed as Rock, Paper, Shotguns worst game of 2017, House Party has been winning awards since it first emerged on the adventure game scene. This sexually charged, 3D point-and-click adventure is all about player choice and partying the way you want. One big house, hundreds of choices, dozens of storiesMuch like the hailed RPGS of yore, House Party contains intricate, branching narratives that drives our writing team to drink to excess. Every choice you make will have a reaction in your playthrough. Sometimes simple things can affect your party in the most magnificent of ways.With thousands upon thousands of dialogues and a growing roster of over 13 characters, House Partys gameplay starts with the conversations and grows with the decisions that are made along the way. With no true ending but dozens of ways to finish, the story is what you make it--and its got so much of that just-one-more-run replayability, House Party may as well be a rogue-lite. To date, there are over 25 story opportunities to discover and complete, each telling a part of one of the many fun-filled stories that can play out. There are literally dozens of them! Items and Interactions you wont believe To contribute to those killer stories, Madisons house is jam-packed with over 50 items to interact with and change the environment around you. Want to change the music of the party? Find the mp3 player! Wanna get shitfaced drunk? Well, hopefully you know what to find. Thats only the beginning--the items youll find in House Party get absolutely insane. And sometimes you dont even need items to cause a ruckus. House Party is an adult game, and your character comes fully equipped to make some chaos all on their own.NPCs (Not-Boring Party Comrades)These stories and items, theyd be nothing without the various NPCs who make it all worthwhile. House Party features 15 of the most interesting, reactive, HILARIOUS NPCs youll find in any game with the name House in the title. These partygoers all have their own motivations and opinions, which makes each of their reactions to your choices different. Youll be able to form friendships and relationships with these characters as you progress through the night, all of which is tracked by social gauges, just in case youve lost track of whos digging your vibe and whos only one wrong word away from knocking you the F%^# out. Were not just talking about the fleshbags either! Sometimes characters are found where you least expect it, like a dude-bro AI or a shit-talking wall-mounted fish! With characters still being added, House Party will contain nearly 20 characters to be found around the party by the time we hit full release. SexWhile nobody on our dev team has had it before, weve done tons of research online to find out what human sex looks like. Many of the stories in House Party will lead you into steamy encounters with the various partygoers of the night. With an open-crotch policy to telling these stories, weve created sexual encounters that speak to many audiences instead of just the boring traditionalists. Lady love, guy love, youll find it all here!
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