Deezer Mediakeys Reloaded


This extension will allow the use of MediaKeys on Deezer website. CHANGELOG: >> 0.8.0 - Add an option to enable/disable notifications. NEW VERSION! Fewer permissions (only the access to the Deezer tab itself, and for notifications), more features (cleaned up the code) and now MediaKeys are working also in background for Windows/Mac/Linux. Fully crossplatform and you can change the shortcuts using the native Chrome settings :) Enjoy! SOURCE-CODE:

Version 0.8.0
Rating 4.23
Number of voters 223
Number of downloads 8,004
Author Julian Xhokaxhiu
Author url
Short Description Enable the use of MediaKeys for Deezer
Updated data June 10, 2017
Size 19537.92
Languages 0-English
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