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Based on the past knowledge, Infinity considers that New Tab should be equipped with better features and minimalist design. Today we redefine New Tab as a pursuit of minimalist aesthetics, one-stop service experience and less content for more features. A new generation of tab means a more accessible and powerful New Tab. Allow elegant and easy use of chrome. Infinity New Tab: Customize chrome New Tab; Open an era of page adding, which means that the URL will be added to the New Tab no matter which page you are browsing; Goggle Mail R...

Version 6.11.13
Rating 4.36
Number of voters 4632
Number of downloads 537,580
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Short Description Infinity New Tab, a Chrome-based cloud applications platform, for more elegant and easy in using Chrome.
Updated data November 6, 2017
Size 1258291.2
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4- español
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12- 日本語
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